Both of my parents use Windows 7 and there's no point in trying to convert them because they only use it to check their mails once every month.
(30-05-2013, 03:12 PM)Reki Wrote: Both of my parents use Windows 7 and there's no point in trying to convert them because they only use it to check their mails once every month.

In that case i guess not. Have you ever asked them?
My father does.
Mom is outdated linux-something, but does not use it..
My stepdad did. Other than that, no. And I see no point in trying to force it on anybody. If they're happy with what they have, it's all good, why should they switch?

That being sad, my mom tried OS X for a while, and ended up hating it.

Version: 3.1
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My father tried Ubuntu but eventually switched back to windows since he uses it a lot at work. Can understand picked up a copy of windows 8 myself. Just so I would have an idea where everything was when trouble shooting an issue over the phone.
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My father always used windows. He tried once Xubuntu I think (With my help back in the day). He wasn't that happy with it (Too used to Microsoft Office).

Once I gave my old notebook to my mum.

It had Arch with XFCE on it. She's using it ever since. When she comes to visit, I try to update the packages... It never broke till now, fortunately.
My father had taken a course in school a decade back, but he uses Windows 8.1.

My mother uses Windows 7, but she seams to think she uses 'acer'
Father uses Windows 7 because he's always used Windows. He also writes massive (and I mean massive) spreadsheets in Excel, so he needs it.
He's actually asked me before if I just use *nix to be edgy.

My mother is painfully computer illiterate. She uses a Windows Surface and nothing else.
I installed Crunchbang on my mom's laptop as a dual-boot and she recognized that it was faster and better but she didn't like the interface and didn't want to bother transferring all of her stuff (her massive collection of files is extremely unorganized) so she asked that I move Vista to the top of GRUB's list.

I might introduce her to Elementary one day.

My dad heard me talking about how I wished more manufacturers made their machines available with Linux installed, and he said that the majority of users would be lost. Before then, I had assumed he had no idea what a linux was. Then, a couple of months ago, I let my dad borrow my laptop to do some internet searching, and I had Elementary on it. I logged into the guest account and handed it to him. At first, I had to just kind of point to the firefox icon, but he had it from there and was surprised at how easy it was to use. I told him to play around with it after he was done searching, and he found the Software Center (and I explained it to him as "an app store for your computer") and he looked through the other apps and some of the programs I had installed (including LibreOffice)... then he asked the critical question: "Could I use my work programs on here? Like ArcGIS and *insert other specialty CAD and Mapping programs here*"

I did my research on all of his programs and was disappointed to tell him that he wouldn't be able to, but that he should email the companies and ask them to port their software. All in all, I guess it's good that he got to see that linux is user-friendly and can do most stuff. Maybe when he retires and doesn't need those programs, I'll give him a nice laptop with Elementary installed.
iOS and Mac OS X are technically nix, right? So yes. :p

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