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(04-03-2014, 09:44 PM)cyberpunkz Wrote: yeah i know , i'm toying around with the source, but gah i'm not having a good time here dude.

the thing is xcompmgr would be good if it gave me shadow openbsd, and i can get shadow with other OSes using xcompmgr , i use the simular command , and no shadow gets place under the window.

gah i guess i have to live without composite :(

i wish someone can get compton to work on OpenBSD 5.5 that would be sweet!

thanks for the help anyway


I actually had a similar issue recently, but on FreeBSD. Maybe it was just me, but xcompmgr just wouldn't set drop shadows no matter what I did.
Compton, of course, did it in a single command.

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