(10-07-2013, 06:37 PM)Robby Wrote: Yeah I had to redo the entire thing because there was no memory left at like 90%. It takes fucking years on 60kbps to download everything. It's almost done receiving the objects from git.

Ahah you underestimated you virtualbox install!

By the way, I love your new forum avatar!
I did indeed *facepalm* but if I can get everything I need running smoothly on here then I don't see why I shouldn't use MINIX as my main OS. Thankyou ;)
You'll see the limitations pretty quick :) But it's very fun to experiment with it and I recommend you order Operating Systems by Tanenbaum it's a bit too technical for me but it's amazing.
My computer fucking crashed due to power failure so wherever it was at it's lost. I'm so fucked off right now. I haven't got any cash whatsoever so I doubt I can buy a copy, i'll probably see if it's available to download.
Microkernels are an extremely good idea. I don't care about 20% less performance, but if the thing never crashes (and this is much more likely with only ~12000 lines of code), it is what I want.

Unfortunately, the idea did not take off (due to the worse performance, I guess) and we are sitting here today with
monolithic kernels.