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So FreeBSD 9.2 is in beta now but I can't seem to find any list of the new changes/features. Why should I upgrade my 9.1 box?
I can find a list of upcoming features for 10 but nothing for 9.2.
Does anyone know?
From what I've read so far:
  • > 1000 changes and bugfixes for ZFS. TRIM is now fully supported and there should be a performance boost.
  • Improvements for UFS, especially a series of bugfixes for journaling. 30% speed increase for fsck on newly created UFS volumes.
  • NFS has undergone some server- and clientside modifications. It interacts better with ZFS and is faster overall.
  • Unmapped IO should improve IO massively. (Can't really tell anything on that ..)
  • Clang updated to version 3.3, so was libc++. FreeBSD now supports C++11
  • KMS / GEM for Intel GPUs now works better.
But you seem right, I was also not capable of finding an "official" feature list. Important bit from the announcement:
Quote:Important note to freebsd-update(8) users: Due to a last minute problem
found in the 9.2-BETA1 freebsd-update(8) builds, freebsd-update(8) is
NOT supported for 9.2-BETA1 upgrades. Please do not use
freebsd-update(8) to upgrade to 9.2-BETA1.
Thanks shtols. I did see that warning and I wasn't planning to upgrade until RELEASE comes out. Do they normally wait until RELEASE is announced to reveal the updates/features?
I'm trying out FreeBSD 10, as I was unaware of 9.2.
Someone doesn't appreciate my php generated image!
I think I'll wait for the final release of 9.2 and give it another try then. Getting my mobile chip to work with FreeBSD 9.1 was taking hours compared to seconds in Arch. :/
I want to put FreeBSD on my notebook which has Intel HD graphics so maybe it's worth trying 9.2-RELEASE when it comes out (can't wait for 10).

@zygotb Did you mean you are trying out the CURRENT branch?
I meant that I was trying out FreeBSD 10 CURRENT, but it's not quite ready for production systems.

I've decided to return back to 9.1 due to a few issues which I am too stupid to rectify.

Which "mobile chip" are you referring to?
I have a bit of experience getting the Qualcomm GOBI chipset working. Perhaps I might be of some assistance, if not outright getting your device running, then pointing you in a direction which may be of some help to you.
Quote:Which "mobile chip" are you referring to?
Intel HD 4000. Building Xorg with WITH_NEW_XORG and WITH_KMS does the trick, but it's nevertheless not the most performant / stable experience. I'm hoping for an improvement when 10 gets stable.
Ah... I was assuming that by "mobile chip" you meant "mobile broadband." (WWAN | 3G)
Happy to hear that you've sorted it out, and hope that you'll continue to enjoy your FBSD experience.
I spent several hours last night trying to build the Intel driver (and xorg) with WITH_NEW_XORG=yes and WITH_KMS=yes but the driver kept failing to build even with an updated ports tree.
Hopefully 9.2 makes this easier and KMS is enabled by default. Can anyone confirm?

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