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The Unix community differs from other people in their software and hardware choices, so I thought - we probably have individuals who differ in their keyboard layout choices.

In this thread we hear out such individuals commenting on their keyboard layouts. I'll be first;

I have used QWERTY for 9 years. Today I switched to *Colemak* on my phone and my tablet. I haven't got used to it yet, but I found it easy to adapt (especially for someone who comes from QWERTY). I wrote this in Colemak. I'm a happy man.

There also is a Turkish F-keyboard that I used to be fluent in. I haven't used it for a year, though.

yrmt: I know that you have Colemak 2bwm config file, I will use it when I come back home (in a month or so) :)

QWERTZ. Haven't really tried anything else except a short stint into Dvorak.
Colemak is very comfy. I can't get past 80wpm with it but that's just me :)
QWERTY ISO Nordic layout for now. Getting a Keycool 84 with US International layout.
Self-modified "programmer's" QWERTZ. Plenty fast and comfortable with it, don't think I'll be changing anytime soon.

Didn't we have a thread about this before?
You guys should try using this website to gauge how fast you can type.


I use a QWERTY layout and was able to hit 90 words per minute. I also don't type the way most people are taught to type with their fingers placed on asdf and hjkl by default.
QWERTZ is the German version of QWERTY, yep. And because my ancestors decided to make funny letters such as ä, ö or ü we have our own layout. I think everybody else in the western world uses QWERTY per default.
Yeah, I hardly use those, since most of time I'm typing English anyways, so I put {[]} on ö and ä, to type them quickly without breaking my right hand. They're still accessible via Alt Gr + original keys if I need them.
I used QWERTY for my entire life, and may not change that. Although I do like how Colemak is setup. I only ever avg. 60 wpm. On a cold day, only like 30 wpm.

Don't ever crack your knuckles, I never knew how much it could slow down your typing.
The world is quaking from our Linux Thoughts!
I type 60 wpm with QWERTY, but I don't use home keys, I mostly use 2 fingers because I'm an idiot. I was thinking of changing to Colemak and forcing myself to learn to type correctly.

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