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Using the YubiKey to log into OpenBSD

Well, it is UNIX for the practical and paranoid!

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So, using the YubiKey as log in authentication is reletively simple and if you're running a fairly recent release of OpenBSD, you've already got the necessary tools to acomplish this.

When setting your system up as described in this post, instead of using your password, you'll use the YubiKey to pass a one time password. This can replace anywhere you used your password before; local login, SSH password login (there's a more sophisticated implementation of YubiKey auth with SSH however) and even sudo.

Here's a clear and concice explaination of how this works, taken from the 'login_yubikey' manpage:

Quote:login_yubikey will read the user's UID (12 hex digits) from the file
user.uid, the user's key (32 hex digits) from user.key, and the user's
last-use counter from user.ctr in the /var/db/yubikey directory.

If user does not have a UID or key, the login is rejected. If user does
not have a last-use counter, a value of zero is used and any counter is
accepted during the first login.

The one-time password provided by the user is decrypted using the user's
key. After the decryption, the checksum embedded in the one-time
password is verified. If the checksum is not valid, the login is

If the checksum is valid, the UID embedded in the one-time password is
compared against the user's UID. If the UID does not match, the login is

If the UID matches, the use counter embedded in the one-time password is
compared to the last-use counter. If the counter is less than or equal
to the last-use counter, the login is rejected. This indicates a replay

If the counter is larger than the last-use counter, the counter is stored
as the new last-use counter, and the login is accepted.

Getting your UID and key

In order to obtain your UID and key, you'll need to install the 'yubikey-personalization-gui' package.
This will let you generate a paired UID and key, then write it to the YubiKey for use with 'login_yubikey'.

Once installed, run the application and select the first option at the top 'Yubico OTP', then select 'Quick'.
You'll be presented with a new screen. Under the 'Yubico OTP Parameters (auto generated)' section, unselect the 'Hide values' option. This will reveal the newly generated UID and key (this is auto generated upon each run of the application),

Using your UID and key with 'login_yubikey'

Copy the 'Private Identity (6 bytes Hex)' value into a file named after your user in: /var/db/user.uid
For example, mine is as follows '/var/db/phyrne.uid'.
Do the same for the key, copy the 'Secret Key (16 bytes Hex)', copy it into a file like so: /var/db/user.key (again, 'phyrne.key' in my case).

Ensure the permissions on these files is set correctly, like so:

chown root:auth /var/db/yubikey/*
chmod o-rw /var/db/yubikey/*

Now that you have these values recorded in the appropriate locations, write them to Slot 1 on your key (or if you'd prefer to keep Yubico's default config, write to Slot 2, however; each time you use the key, you will have to hold the touch finger pad for 4 seconds). You can write this config to the key by selecting 'Write configuration' and selecting the desired slot. This will also prompt where to save a CSV file of the config (something I'd deem unecessary, and a security risk) so just save it to your $HOME and remove it later.

Setting up 'login_yubikey'

Now, to tie it all together!

Edit the '/etc/login.conf' file and add 'yubikey' at the beginning of the 'auth-defaults' entry, like so:

# Default allowed authentication styles

You're all set!

If you've followed the above steps, you should be good to go! Logging out should suffice, try logging back in (either through xdm or a TTY) with your password, it should prompt that login failed.
But if you touch the YubiKey, it should let you in ;)

Have fun! I'm loving my YubiKey, I'll most likely do a short tutorial on propper use of multifactor authentication with the YubiKey and SSH some time soon.

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