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I searched the net for information about this topic, but either I am not good a searching or there is very few information on this topic.

My webserver running FreeBSD get's his pkgng packages through the wunderful poudriere, which is extremely easy to set up and maintain. Now I wanted to put OpenBSD on my old notebook to get a little bit more familiar with it, and because an old C2D is not the fastest CPUs out there I wanted to build packages for it on my i7 and access them via HTTP/S .. any idea how accomplish that? "RTFM" is a perfectly valid answer for me, though a pointer into the right direction would be awesome. :)
Are you running OpenBSD under a VM on your i7?

If so, just build the packages on the faster i7 machine and:

\# cd /var/www/htdocs/
\# ln -s /usr/ports/packages/amd64/all packages
\# /etc/rc.d/httpd -f start

Then, on the slow machine, just point PKG_PATH to your http server:

\# export PKG_PATH=http://ip_of_i7_machine/packages/
\# pkg_add -v rxvt-unicode firefox whatever

The example is for amd64.
Replace amd64 with the right architecture for you (e.g.: i386)
Quote:Are you running OpenBSD under a VM on your i7?
Yep, I am. Linking the package folder to /usr/local/www would have been my idea. But I was too stupid to find the packages folder. Args, shame on me. Thanks!
Dcoppa, you have to \\#, we're using markdown here :)
yrmt: gosh, I'm sorry :-P
No problem, and thanks for the neat tip.

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