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(23-02-2022, 02:45 AM)venam Wrote: I think it would also fit your scenario if you used the command line tool `mpc`.

Thanks venam. I've used `mpc` and a bunch of other's that do relatively the same thing. Most recently I tried a tool called Davis which is essentially an mpc clone that focuses on correct tags and metadata for classical music and also has plugins for album cover art. It also incorporates `fzf` which is cool, but I still felt it was beyond what I really need.

(23-02-2022, 02:45 AM)venam Wrote: I like the whole architecture of having a server manage the music library and be able to interact with it from different places.

Yes, this is quite true, it is very convenient. I guess I just haven't found the right mpc client yet. Years ago I liked pimpd2 by Trapd00r, might give that another go providing it is still maintained.
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(23-02-2022, 05:06 AM)pfr Wrote: I tried a tool called Davis
I've never heard of it. Gonna check it.

I use mpd+mpc, and some scripts and tools:
• A script to pop-up a xnotifier window displaying the current song (top right).
• A script to control the song on the desktop right-click menu (bottom).
• A script to list and select the songs of the current playlist on xfilter (top).
• I also use a mpc client in the form of a WindowMaker dockapp (on the right, at the dock):
[Image: mpd.png]

I'm looking for some mpv script to pause mpd when mpv is playing some video and resume mpd's playlist after. I may write one, but my lua skills are rusty...
(23-02-2022, 11:15 AM)seninha Wrote:

Your mpd+mpc setup looks sweet!

And like I've said before, your whole setup is sweet and I honestly think you should (or rather I wish you would) create a preconfigured live image or bundle the build scripts for shod and everything else on your desktop into a pseudo DE ;)

I cant remember what the state of shod on NetBSD was, I never got it working properly. Perhaps after I play with wmutils I'll give it another try.
So I just stumbled across fmui which is by the same guy who made Ueberzug. It is more than a few years old but it suits my needs perfectly.