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Long time nixers
If you haven't heard of this program, you're missing out.
(^ full feature list)
(^ video example)

The ability to 'rewind' the python interpreter is life changing!

And the auto-complete functionality, flawless!

If you use something better, please let me know.
"Willful ignorance is a crime"
Long time nixers
Omg awesome thanks for this !!
I do Byte
Damn, I didn't know this thing. I normally spend hours in the vanilla python shell.
This thing is amazing, the completion is great.
Thanks a lot for this!
Viva el Python!
EDIT: I'm now almost everytime using bpython2.
Long time nixers
I just wish they would make a Vim plugin out of the auto-complete function.

My life would be complete... XD

Oh, and you're welcome everybody! It was just something I found in a post on
"Willful ignorance is a crime"
Long time nixers
Hope you guys know about the IPython too. Both of these tools are must have for python developing.
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oh no you didnt
Long time nixers
Started using bpython. I'm very satisfied! Thanks for this awesome suggestion.