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Quote:We are a small, respectful community where everyone can have a place.
We are not overwhelmed by the size of our own community, unlike forums like

We strive for friendship, extremely good and interesting contents on the forums,
and casual technological or friendly offtopic conversations on irc.
Most of us are young enthusiasts that like to discover new things.
But most of all we have a deep bound. --Venam

Because It actually bothered me enough to contemplate it last evening, I wondered if I might find some value statement on these forums. Quoted above makes it sound like the nixers environment is friendly, which is not untrue.

However, the effect of certain users agreeing with an unfriendly reaction to a stupid joke made on my part, and the dismissal and subsequent downplaying of the reaction has made me decide to part IRC all together.

I can't send a private message on these forums, so my only course is to post a general concern and comment. Striving for friendship takes work. Perhaps the IRC channel is not an environment I belong in, which is fine. I can get conversation elsewhere.

For now, I will remain and try to contribute to meaningful conversation on these forums. I will not write paragraphs about what terrible people certain member are, because that is not helpful. I will say that allowing certain behavior to continue and being asked to not take things too seriously has concerned me to the point that I feel I may not belong here at all.

This is all I will say on the subject. I'm sure those other users will downplay and justify their actions, for after all I am but one voice.
(13-09-2017, 10:44 AM)1Byte Wrote: However, the effect of certain users agreeing with an unfriendly reaction to a stupid joke made on my part, and the dismissal and subsequent downplaying of the reaction has made me decide to part IRC all together.
Quote:casual technological or friendly offtopic conversations on irc.
The IRC are managed in a completely different way, it isn't directly related to nixers and a lot of IRC dwellers only limit themselves to the IRC an nothing else.
The conversations drift a lot and go offtopic, some members simply go there to lash their angst.
You aren't the first person to put forward their concerns about insults, bad/cynical jokes, and personal attacks.
A lot of persons have left nixers because of this.

On the other side, the ones pushing the immature moves always back it up by "it's the internet, don't take things too seriously, chill up bro". And actually enjoy the fight.

At the moment we're running multiple services under different controls. The one in control of the service set the rules/no-rules of the service.
(I manage the forums and dcat & fro manage the IRC, a bunch of other members have set up events too)

* no abuse (clones, proxies, flooding, spam, or mass advertising)
* no harassment, threats, or impersonation of other users
we reserve the right to deny service to anyone at any time for any reason
Apparently even the ones owning the IRC aren't respecting their own rules.
And usually when push comes to shove the one owning the service puts it down in anger at the detriment of everyone else and it becomes a mess.

I'm sorry for that.

I agree that this is an issue that needs to be delt with.
We've discussed having a #general channel and an #offtopic but according to previous tests it hasn't worked so well.
If anyone has an idea or a solution it would be good to hear.

Personally, I can't run an IRC service on my own and this is why someone else is providing it.
Long time nixers
The IRC ops usually kick people off the server, not just one channel. Having other channels does not make their regime less harmful.

<mort> choosing a terrible license just to be spiteful towards others is possibly the most tux0r thing I've ever seen
Grey Hair Nixers is run by the community, for the community. Different users with different personalities run different services. Each "admin" can thus set their own rules, according to what they think reflect the community best. Setting those rules won't change the personalities of the users anywau, and IRC has always been known to be full of sarcasm/irony/unfriendly behaviors. This is mostly due to the text-only but instantaneous chat. People react quickly, without thinking about their behavior. The "elitism" of this community tends to also make older members more condescending with newcomers (I do agree that this point sucks).

But a community is not always black or white, and IRC is not the only mean of communication out there. The forum brings more reflection to the conversations, and more "technical" background.

The voice chat can also be used for instant conversation, with a restricted audience (it is not as populated as IRC, has not mods, and includes a chat).

Undisciplined members make more noise than friendly ones, but it doesn't mean there are no good people in there, and you can't judge the community as a whole because of a fistful of its members.

As nixers attract more people, we recruit more personalities, either good, or bad. But in the end, we're all here for the same thing: Unix. So /ignore the trolls, keep being curious and enjoy your stay!