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I've been thinking about moving to Artix Linux because I kinda dislike systemd. So I've been thinking about a lot of choices that have to be made while installing and the one I can't answer for myself is the filesystem I should choose. I am currently choosing between ext4, btrfs, zfs, xfs, reiser(fs/4), heard it's a killer filesystem ;). I've also learnt about bcachefs, which seems kind of interesting. I'm not interested in using RAID, LVM and encryption. I want to have a simple setup with one /boot partition and one / partition.

So I'd like to hear from you
I have plans to tryout zfs with Slackware.
Long time nixers
XFS is an amazing file system. ZFS is not a desktop file system.
I think ZFS can be fine as a desktop file system, you get snapshots, copy on write, and the ability to tell you if something has experienced bitrot and needs to be restored from backup. With a single drive, it can't automatically fix bitrot though. And in many cases you have to deal with DKMS for the kernel to support it as a root filesystem. If you are using a desktop and are willing to mirror drives and deal with potential DKMS issues, ZFS is fine, but kinda hard to suggest when btrfs is an option. I use ZFS more often simply because I use it for work so I'm already familiar with it.

btrfs gets you basically the same benefits as ZFS without needing to worry with DKMS. There were previously some issues with btrfs when running certain RAID arrays, but using it for a single disk or a mirror is very much battle tested. I think most of those other issues are considered solved now.

I don't think reiser is seeing any further development, but I assume you mostly listed that for the pun.

XFS and ext4 are very much battle-tested and great filesystems. They don't offer copy-on-write or any sort of bitrot protection, but for most desktop use-cases those features aren't super important.

If you are feeling brave, bcachefs is the new excitement in the kernel.
I tried bcachefs for /home only in Slackware-current but my fs of choice still ext4 :)