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Long time nixers
Here's some quick pics of me cleaning my Ltrac, I tought you might find it interesting.

[Image: q3bLvgJs.jpg]

[Image: 4Iqhjkds.jpg]

Good night!
Grey Hair Nixers
yay! Awesome trackball.
Long time nixers
I've never really understood trackballs, but I'm interested in trying them out. What is the main appeal of those?
Long time nixers
I use one and the main draw for me is that my desk isn't very wide and I'm incredibly messy so it's full of clutter. Having a stationary pointing device allows me to continue wallowing in my own filth. Plus it's just cool I guess and apparently there's some health benefit or some crap.
Long time nixers
Plus you don't have to move your arm or wrist, therefore you burn less precious calories that you could be spending writing code or arguing in IRC.