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From: Me, To: Beastie - Okeg - 08-03-2013

Here's some quick pics of me cleaning my Ltrac, I tought you might find it interesting.

[Image: q3bLvgJs.jpg]

[Image: 4Iqhjkds.jpg]

Good night!

RE: From: Me, To: Beastie - yrmt - 09-03-2013

yay! Awesome trackball.

RE: From: Me, To: Beastie - dami0 - 24-07-2014

I've never really understood trackballs, but I'm interested in trying them out. What is the main appeal of those?

RE: From: Me, To: Beastie - kirby - 24-07-2014

I use one and the main draw for me is that my desk isn't very wide and I'm incredibly messy so it's full of clutter. Having a stationary pointing device allows me to continue wallowing in my own filth. Plus it's just cool I guess and apparently there's some health benefit or some crap.

RE: From: Me, To: Beastie - jmbi - 25-07-2014

Plus you don't have to move your arm or wrist, therefore you burn less precious calories that you could be spending writing code or arguing in IRC.