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Alright, so I've been trying to use the follow script to generate a color scheme from my current background, but I'm having some trouble.

If I CD in the scripts directory, and run
./wp add /home/jake/Pictures/wallpapers/UfCjC8q.jpg

The following comes up
:: Generating ./home/jake/Pictures/wallpapers/UfCjC8q.jpg.colors and ./home/jake/Pictures/wallpapers/UfCjC8q.jpg.Xres in /home/jake/Pictures/wallpapers /home/jake/Pictures/wallpapers/UfCjC8q.jpg :: is not a recognised directive

Then nothing else happens, anyone have any ideas?
Does the picture exist?
Long time nixers
Try to change line 19: "while test $# -gt 0; do" to "while test $# -gt 1; do" and you should not get that error anymore. The script should work as expected i guess, so regardless of the error message it should generate a colorscheme for you.
If you are interested in trying another program you should give gpick a try.
Just quoting the features:
Quote: Magnification and mouse pointer control with keyboard.
Automatic color name assignment.
Export to following formats:
Inkscape/Gimp Palette (*.gpl)
Adobe Swatch Exchange (*.ase)
Alias/WaveFront Material (*.mtl)
Cascaded Style Sheet (*.css)
Import from following formats:
Inkscape/Gimp Palette (*.gpl)
Adobe Swatch Exchange (*.ase)
Oversampling with five falloff types:
Multiple pixel values are averaged to help picking colors from sources with noise, patterns and etc, where each pixel is different and overall color is produced by different amounts of particular color.
Palette from image.
Color scheme creation tools.
Mix two or more colors using variable number of steps and different mixing types.
Lightness and/or saturation variations.
Harmonious colors.
Long time nixers
+1 for gpick, very useful when using other tools alongside it.