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Hello there, I have grown sick of a forum that shall remained unnamed. Although, I am sure most, if not all, of you know of this forum.

I've decided to finally make the move over to UnixHub. I am positive I will not be disappointed in my decision. Especially being as I will be part of an international forum brought together by a common ground that is *nix, instead of what people call "hacking."

I feel as though the atmosphere will be intireily(SP?) different, as I can be more lax here. I don't have to watch what I post because I'd have to worry about some kid bothering and pestering me. I am sure my knowledge in the *nix field will be greater grown here at UnixHub rather than it will be anywhere else.

But here is some back story on myself.

I am in the United Stated Army. I am a 25B, which is a Technology Information Specialist. I am also airborne, I jump out of planes. I like a variety of music genres, and I'm pretty laid back. Oh, and I play xbox.

I use *nix constantly, it has become my pride and joy in the past years. It's become my outlet in times of stress, and it has become my precious child as I grow it myself. I'm probably going to make the move over to FreeBSD here soon, moving away from Arch Linux. I will probably end up using both, however. I feel as though getting more into *BSD will get me closer to my goal, though.

Thanks guys.
Sweet, another nice guy!
Long time nixers
"...At this station, you will receive, an explanation, demonstration, and a practical application, in - the usage of, UNIX!..."

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(20-01-2013, 03:12 PM)NeoTerra Wrote: I remember you from HF! Welcome aboard! I can assure you this place is nothing like the HF *nix section, and the IRC here is quite friendly. Glad to see another convert from HF.

Feet first!

Just seeing the posting style of the users here has set me off. I just get on HF to help people and argue with others. I've already visited the IRC in the past and more so in the past few days. Although, my schedule is pretty taken up so I can't be in the chat a lot. :(
I'll be frequenting more though! I miss IRCs.

All the way. :)
Welcome to the place where you belong :P