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It's azahi.

I'm a CS undergrad living in Moscow and working part-time at some small company doing .NET stuff. Apart from that, I like Haskell* and lasagna with extra cheese.
I'm sure a few people here know me because I usually can be found hanging out on some channels on Rizon, most notably #rice, I go by the handle "nuuxe" there.

Well, I guess the best way to get to know a man is to take a look at his dotfiles.

* I like it a lot
Long time nixers
Hey, azahi,

finally a topic title with a pop cultural reference which I understand. Since I don't know you (I never was on Rizon), I had a brief look at your dotfiles and I might or might not steal some ideas from it, thank you. Also, that GNU Stow thing advertised there looks interesting. I wonder if I can find a purpose for it.

Welcome to nixers.

<mort> choosing a terrible license just to be spiteful towards others is possibly the most tux0r thing I've ever seen
Hello azahi and welcome to nixers.
I'm sure you'll find some awesome configurations to share with other members.