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H-Hello... - azahi - 21-04-2018


It's azahi.

I'm a CS undergrad living in Moscow and working part-time at some small company doing .NET stuff. Apart from that, I like Haskell* and lasagna with extra cheese.
I'm sure a few people here know me because I usually can be found hanging out on some channels on Rizon, most notably #rice, I go by the handle "nuuxe" there.

Well, I guess the best way to get to know a man is to take a look at his dotfiles.

* I like it a lot

RE: H-Hello... - jkl - 21-04-2018

Hey, azahi,

finally a topic title with a pop cultural reference which I understand. Since I don't know you (I never was on Rizon), I had a brief look at your dotfiles and I might or might not steal some ideas from it, thank you. Also, that GNU Stow thing advertised there looks interesting. I wonder if I can find a purpose for it.

Welcome to nixers.

RE: H-Hello... - venam - 22-04-2018

Hello azahi and welcome to nixers.
I'm sure you'll find some awesome configurations to share with other members.