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Hello Unix Hub guys!
I am new to Linux and want your help!
Which would be the best OS to choose as a beginner, I am very much new to Linux although I do have some experience with Ubuntu. Many people don't suggest Ubuntu, so what should be the alternative?
I heard about the following OS for beginners (please suggest out of them or any new one):

Mint OS

Please suggest why to use them and give me better suggestion which to use being beginner!
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I would suggest Crunchbang to get the Linux basics and Xorg related concepts. Then you can move to Debian or Arch or Slackware and start doing things yourself.
Yeah, I agree with Beastie. I started out with Mint, but moved rather quickly to Crunchbang, their forum is filled with good information and nice members as well.
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Al ot of users start with Ubuntu. This is a terrible idea because Ubuntu does everything for you and you don't learn anything that way! Beastie's suggestion was a great one. Start with Crunchbang and then when you feel you have learned enough move to a less 'out of the box' distribution like Debian or Arch.
I'd recommend Crunchbang until you get a feel for intermediate Linux use. Regardless of it having a lesser common user environment, it's still based on Debian which has great documentation across the web. If you want a little more of a challenge, try installing the server edition of Debian and building your own environment.
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Thanks a lot guys. I think this infomation will help me out a lot. Thanks once again.
If you're coming from windows I'd suggest mint as the differences aren't too great as far as the interface goes while at the same time you can get used to how linux works in terms of using the commandline and knowing the filesystem. Crunchbang is also great and preferable if you don't mind taking a bigger leap towards a different UI, especially if you have an older PC as it uses much less resources.

Once you learn the ropes of linux you need to figure out what exactly you want so you can decide your next distro if you want to move on to a more customizable and advanced distro.
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I would also suggest Crunchbang and once you learn your way around the terminal and are confortable with using it move to something a bit more challenging.
I would recommend Debian over Crunchbang, isen't Crunchbang just plain Debian but with Openbox, different pre-installed programs and a uniqe theme? Anyway, Debian got good documentation, and is very easy to use.
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If you want to learn. I would say crunchbang waldorf(based on debian wheezy.) If you want to learn the boring stuff Debian stable. If you just want to use your linux without have to learn anything Fedora just works :)
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