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Grey Hair Nixers
Hey everyone, I need an Argon2id hash lookup table for a project I'm working on.
The thing is, I need A LOT of them (the final final must be around 2/3Gib).

I did the math, that's ~20,000,000 hashes. Considering that my computer is old, and argon2id was literally made for this to be slow, it would take me more than 2 months computing hashes 24/7 to get this up. And I can't run my computer 24/7…

So I need you help, fellow CPU burners :)

If you would like to help me out, grab the code and join the hash party !

git clone git://

All you need to do (if you trust me, otherwise you can read all the code, it's not much) is run the following command (you can try with a low COUNT to see if it works):

make -j $(nproc) COUNT=500000

This will top all your CPU cores at 100%, so only run it if you're ok with that. If you want to limit it to less cores with: (X being the number of cores)

make -j X NPROC=X

When it's done running, please submit your "hashes.rec" file to The extension name is important as I archive all .rec files somewhere else (so you can use low retention times).

Thanks a lot for your help, you're all legends !
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Grey Hair Nixers
Alright, that was quick ! We crushed through the 3Gib (and beyond!) in barely 3 days.
Thanks to those who sent me hashes, you're legends!