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Hello fellow *nixer,
This thread is about how you handle and like to handle the beep.
People working on Windows never hear about the '\a' ,aka beep,aka motherboard speaker.
On *nix it's pretty common to hear this sound when working in the terminal.
The way to handle it differ amongst people.
Some likes to disable it.
Some likes to make it a visual beep.
Some likes to change the beep itself.
Some finds other ways.

Me, myself, and I love to handle the beep with urxvt:
URxvt.bell-command: beep -f 5 -r 3 -l 2
What it does is that when urxvt receive a '\a' it execute the beep -f 5 -r 3 -l 2 command.
I like this sound better then the normal beep.
What about you?
Grey Hair Nixers
I don't use beep myself but it's a pretty nice trick.
Long time nixers
I also dont use the beep! I get annoyed ;)
Yeah! sometimes it gives me goosebumps when I'm not prepared for a beep.
Long time nixers
In the old MS-DOS there was "BEL."
And you could write "music" in BASIC, C, ASM, etc.
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