How to display my bspwm workspaces in my dzen2 bar? - GNU/Linux

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I googled and tried it and looked at other people's dotfiles for 5 hours now but I can't get it working.
I am using bspwm as a window manager that allows multiple workspaces. Now I would like to have a workspace indicator in my bar that displays all my workspaces and indicates which one I am looking at right now.
It should also be clickable (so if I click on a specific workspace, my wm switches to it)

Example: [Image: 80VGmz2.png]

How to do that in dzen2? Do I need conky or something?
Thanks in advance.

I haven't tried it out, but I'm guessing this is what you're after.
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I had the same issue with bspwm; after trying this a while I switched from bspwm's method to a simple script:
If you don't use wmctrl click this

It is not the best method, but works good for me.

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