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AMD just released 1.0 of amdgpu, their new official open-source driver that (I guess) will replace radeon and catalyst in the future. I made a roundup of supported cards from the chip-ids in the driver itself and the developer reference by AMD.

Card List
AMD FirePro S7150
AMD FirePro W5100
AMD FirePro W7100
AMD Radeon™ HD 7700 Series
AMD Radeon™ HD 8180
AMD Radeon™ HD 8210
AMD Radeon™ HD 8240
AMD Radeon™ HD 8250
AMD Radeon™ HD 8280
AMD Radeon™ HD 8330
AMD Radeon™ HD 8400
AMD Radeon™ HD 8950
AMD Radeon™ R4 Graphics
AMD Radeon™ R5 Graphics
AMD Radeon™ R5 M255
AMD Radeon™ R5 M315
AMD Radeon™ R6 Graphics
AMD Radeon™ R7 200 Series
AMD Radeon™ R7 300 Series
AMD Radeon™ R7 Graphics
AMD Radeon™ R7 M260
AMD Radeon™ R7 M340
AMD Radeon™ R7 M360
AMD Radeon™ R9 200 Series
AMD Radeon™ R9 380 Series
AMD Radeon™ R9 390 Series
AMD Radeon™ R9 Fury Series
AMD Radeon™ R9 M295X
AMD Radeon™ R9 M390X
AMD Radeon™ R9 M395X
HAWAII GL40 (67A1)
Also the upcoming "Stoney Ridge" APUs (Chip ID 98E4)

Official source tree is over here: http://cgit.freedesktop.org/xorg/driver/...eo-amdgpu/

I personally think this is pretty great and makes Linux overall more viable for general use. I think SteamOS might have played a role in the decision to take this step, and it might just pay off.

I myself do not use an AMD GPU right now on my main machine, but have a 5870 in my Steam Machine that might get replaced in the future, and the way things are currently going, probably with either a Pirate or Arctic Islands card.

So, general thoughts and opinions on the topic?

EDIT: Added the more recently added supported chiptypes, link to official repo
Long time nixers
After I've had both AMD and Nvidia cards to use on linux. Nvidia is 100% the way if you want absolutely no hassle (despite my avatar). However, I will probably buy an AMD card after my 970 eventually becomes obsolete in a couple of years for linux support. The amd opensource stack is constantly improving and vulcan is 'looking' very promising but is gonna take another year or two to really get into the market.
AMD on linux simply sucks.
The OpenSource driver stopped working for me (I have no idea why):

The Proprietary driver simply does not work (Which is strange because it works on my desktop but it doesn't on my laptop).
This is amazing news!
My new laptop has a 7700 series and kept giving me issues.
I'll download the driver and give it a shot.
EDIT: can you link us to the download page?
I personally did not have too many problems with my 5870 and radeon (the OSS one), my only problem is that fan control seems to not exist, so the card defaults to 35%-40% which is already pretty noisy.

(25-11-2015, 07:41 AM)venam Wrote: EDIT: can you link us to the download page?

Sources are over here: http://cgit.freedesktop.org/xorg/driver/...eo-amdgpu/