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Hey Guys,
I really like hanging out at the irc, but I'd also love to be able to chat with you on the go. Is anybody else interested in a group chat on one of the many mobile messengers? I guess telegram or signal would be the top-conteners...

I'd love to create such a group if there is any interest.
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Why not XMPP?

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I don't use any mobile messenger but Telegram so this is OK for me. :3

jkl Wrote:Why not XMPP?

Well... Maybe if we add encryption I would be in too!
>Well... Maybe if we add encryption I would be in too!
I think OMEMO is implemented in a few clients already. There's even a plugin which is in a usable state for profanity. I've never used it though since I didn't get the chace.

All in all Signal would be less of a hassle but xmpp with omemo is more universal and accesible.
I don't see the point of adding another platform with so similar purpose, not to mention there are many ways to use IRC via mobile. I've seen this happen in some communities and it just fragments them.

The IRC server is already there and you can make as many Telegram groups with community members as you want, yet I don't see it appropriate as "replacement" for mobile users.

Sorry for my English, I hope I managed to explain my point.
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I'd join, if there is an option to silence the group chat... I think telegram would be suitable.
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apk already runs an xmpp service for us