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Hey all!

I'm here to learn and eager to do so. Compared to some of you (all of you) I'm quite new. It was only around a year and a half ago that I switched to Linux. With that comes a certain degree of ineptitude, Sorry about that. Either way, I took the plunge and washed up here. You who have been doing this since the dawn of time might not realize how exciting it is to figure things out. Or even to have things to that need figuring out.

Maybe we can work on broadening our horizons together.

I have a passion for writing, and am kindling one for programing.
I have a little python experience and was wondering if I should pursue that or switch to c. (Someone recommended I do that)

Anyways, happy to be here.
Hello enephst, welcome to our forums.
We all started somewhere, you can ask us about things you find confusing and we'll gladly clarify.

Programming is a good step to go up in the Unix world, whatever the language you'll find it easier to develop.
Python or c for someone starting out?
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(03-07-2015, 03:30 PM)enephst Wrote: Python or c for someone starting out?

Both are great firsts, however you'll learn more about OOP through Python, and you'll learn more about general programming through C. So you'll have to balance those out.

Welcome to nixers.
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actually bash scripting might be a good start as well. google "the advanced guide to bash scripting" or something along those lines.

the name is misleading, the advanced refers to the skill with which the author wrote the book, it's quite good and great for beginners. and bash scripting will definitely pay off for you quicker than learning python or C (which may never benefit you at all if you're not in the CS field)
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I think script programming is a good way to learn the basics, as you don't have to compile to run them, & if/when you make a mistake, it is easier/quicker to recheck, but compiled programs tend to run faster
I have done a little bash scripting. Nothing advanced mind you.
The issue was that when I set up swm and wmutils I had no way of knowing what my laptop battery was.
I also didn't want a bar.

I just used lemonbar and had a script that was in cron for every minute to check if my battery was below 10%
If it was below 10% it would throw up a popup.

I've been making simple things like this to help keep the bare bones of my wm warm and functional.

Thanks for all the responses though this is amazing.
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welcome to nixers!

i'm not a big fan of python syntax (personal thing), but if you already have your feet wet keep going!

if you plan on learning c, check out the K&R aka the c bible.
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yum! glad to see something fresh to eat! welcome here!
(07-07-2015, 07:26 PM)z3bra Wrote: yum! glad to see something fresh to eat! welcome here!

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