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So, I'm starting to post more and more on the forum now.. Issues I've noticed in the last minutes.

Theme: New Dark

One thing that is bugging me now is that the pid (Post ID) is either not supplied with the post or that clicking the "post" link in search doesn't take you too the post. I think it is the first one without inspecting it further.

If you don't follow exactly,
Your public profile page -> View user posts -> Two links Thread & post.
Clicking the post link should take you to the post but takes you to the top of the thread. ;)

Test edit.
Long time nixers
if we're bitching. there's no perma link to posts either. links to the thread, but not #pid
Sadly, it wasn't me who created the theme.
It seems like someone had removed the internal url linking to the post (#id), that explains why it didn't jump directly to it.

On a second note, I've re-added the date-permalink line.
Let's open a discussion about where we can move it or keep it this way.

Thanks for pointing out the issues,

This is the current template for anyone that wants to modify it.
Huh, odd.. Now the quote button doesn't work correctly for me.

just empty.

Anyway, isn't it an idea to have the #3 thing to the right and remove the other shit. Post time already existed at the bottom of the post and modified message seems just useless to me really.

My idea for this at least would then become
[Image: YSZ57UC.png]

If you so desire, you could use CSS to hide the rest if it is needed but not needed to be seen. ;)

test edit :P
Quote works by overlining the content you want to quote:
(02-03-2016, 12:52 PM)Loki123 Wrote: If you so desire, you could use CSS to hide the rest if it is needed but not needed to be seen. ;)
Yes, seems like a nice idea.
Long time nixers
Looks a little messy when someone has edited a post:

[Image: vSyEkU2.png]