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So I have an encrypted hard-drive (not the root partition) with geli that I decrypt and mount on boot. This drive has an rc.conf file on it that I'd like to source once the drive is mounted. Unfortunately, rc_conf_files is parsed _before_ geli runs, so the file doesn't exist yet when rc tries to load it.

Any ideas how to either get geli to mount the drive sooner or delay sourcing the rc.conf file until mounting is done?
I'm on FreeBSD, not Linux, so LVM isn't available. I use Geli to decrypt the GPT partitioned drive at boot, and then just mount the partition with fstab. Regrettably, the rc.conf files are all parsed before this occurs.
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Quote:The purpose of rc.conf is not to run commands or perform system startup actions directly. Instead, it is included by the various generic startup scripts in /etc which conditionalize their internal actions according to the settings found there.

Perhaps you should mount the encrypted drive using fstab. I don't know anything about geli.

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