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Long time nixers
Hey guys anyone remember this old bad boy? RHL9 ?

Anyway i know it's obsolete and been Discontinued since March 31st 2003, but i remember using this a long time ago for a server and it was awesome untill redhat killed it (those fuckers) - anyway my main question is, do you think it's still 'usable' today? i've been trying to find it on red hats official FTP but it seems to have vanished anyone help ?

But like i said, if one installs this now in 2012, how secure n safe do you think it would be? im sure you'll need to configure a lot of things to get it working again ? networking etc or is it not worth the hassle?

Any clues idea's?
Long time nixers
Why not just use Fedora?
It's basically RHEL beta, but has worked well for me over the past couple of years.
There's also Oracle OS, which claims to be an RHEL alternative.
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Long time nixers
Of course, i do 'part of my job' is to maintain some VERY OLD os's and keep them as secure in today's standards, plus it's a hobbie of mine like to see can an OLD os still be as strong n secure then the 2012 os's

Example i had a working Windows NT 4.0 server used for ftp/web applications fully connected to the web.

it was finally turned off last year (was on for 5 n half years) lol
Long time nixers
its not my 'job job' so to say, but i work for IBM, via windows 2003/2008 server platform because i've used those systems for many years business n personal use they wanted someone to know it a lot (when the other guy left) and they didn't really wanns change to Server 2012 (not in our department anyway lol)

Also manage several linux distros old ones, - but the oldest system i have to keep an eye on is a windows server under Windows N.T 4.0 (which is buried in the server room behind several other servers)

I've also looked at IBM's Unix platform which is know as 'System Z' but that is beyond me.... don't know it at all lol and im not allowed in that room where it is ha... lol