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Long time nixers
Hello Unixhub,

My name is DotDev (ward) I'm joining your community to further my Unix skills and knowledge. I've been fascinated by Unix for several years, while browsing Arch Linux, Reddit, & More sites I've seen a great amount of praise and Unixhub users and quickly took notice visited the irc and site just to see how it was, long story short I was impressed from what I see its a very active site and I like that, with that being said I'll gladly make this my secound home.

Thanks in advance for the warm welcome
Long time nixers
Welcome to Unix Hub, .dev
Long time nixers
Welcome home DotDev!
Grey Hair Nixers
Hello and welcome to UnixHub
Long time nixers
Sup DotDev, a warm welcome to you :)
Long time nixers
Welcome to the community! I hope to see you around the forums!