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fre d die
Dear Unix diary,
last thursday i installed gentoo sucsessfully for the first time. last time i tried was probably 2017 and always ran into problems at with grub. i recently decided its time to get rid of my mac and get a thinkpad. writing this from my thinkpad with gentoo! loving it so far. less problems than i expected... so far...
Long time nixers
Dear Unix diary,
That's the first time I am logged in in X with the window manager I wrote.
Until now I have only used it with Xephyr (a utility that simulates a X session in a window).

It was a hard task to write a window manager from scratch (although I stole some routines from dwm). I had to rewrite it twice, and it still has old code from the first versions (I still have to look through the code for them and eliminate them).

I decided to write a wm because I couldn't find one that fulfilled my needs.
For now, it is EWMH compliant (only the best parts) and supports multi-monitor (although it segfaults when I disconnect a monitor, but I'm working on that).
It was fun to write it and I passed the last four weeks in this project.

It is not usable for others though, I still have to document it and work more on some edge cases, but I think that it is going to replace cwm as my daily driver.

There are some features I need to add to it, such as using mouse to move/resize windows (for now I'm using wmutils' xmmv and xmrs for this). But it is totally usable (for me, at least).
Long time nixers
Dear Unix diary,

I thought about adding a "bookmark" feature to my local diary tool. You know, a feature that allows you to jump to a particular entry in your diary.

Then I remember an old trick at the shell:

$ gitary edit 2020-09-04/14-35-12  # track project
$ gitary edit 2020-09-09/13-51-06  # letter sarah

Just add a comment at the end of the line. Now I can hit Ctrl-R, type "track project" or "letter sarah", and thus jump directly to one of the entries.

Is this better? Is this "the spirit"? At least it's less code for me to write.
Grey Hair Nixers
Be it the spirit or not, that's clever !
Long time nixers
"The spirit" would have more pipes... ;-)