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Hello fellow nixers!

This thread is a treasure hunting thread and everyone is welcomed to participate.

The forums are getting older and while they are getting older certain threads
are getting buried deeper in the ground without their main ideas being
exploited to full potential. It might be due to the thread being posted in the
beginning of the forums, when we weren't that many, or that it simply didn't
catch our attention.

What I'd like us to do in this thread is a sort of new categorization of
interesting threads you've found.

This is how it is going to work:
  • Post the link with the category in this thread, I'll append your link to the
    list and I'll clean up (erase) your post from the thread.
  • PM me the link with the category and I'll append it.
  • Go to the thread and bump it with the category (try to avoid this).

Remember that the categories are not limited to the ones already posted but if
they already fit into one of those it would simplify the listing.

Daily Posts Threads
UNIX Diary
Unix screen-shots thread!
Unix Weekly Challenges
UNIX weekly contests

Projects Threads
The Fight for Freedom
A Community Project About Ricing
A **Nixers** Collaborative Distro?

Tutorial Threads
links / graphics mode in tty
Mac OS X Customization

Happy Hunting  “(`(エ)´)ノ !