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The Motif toolkit lets you define the maximum and minimum size of an application window in the source code (VendorShell?) Edit: I think it's WMShell.

I thought this would be great for hiding a few controls off-screen without menu bars, etc. To expose them the user just has to maximize the window. My new virtual keyboard (nowhere near done) implements this insane idea.

[Image: snap-09-42-50-06-09-22.png]

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I've been lately curating a pkgsrc repo for Slackware 15.0. It definitely required some dedication (smaller quirks to fix), but eventually allowed me to easily deploy and maintain software which is not available on the official mirror, without having to rely on SlackBuilds and sbopkg (something which I never regarded as an efficient and reliable method). The repo is built on my amd64 workstation and predictably only includes desktop-oriented software I routinely use. Available at: https://retrobsd.ddns.net/pub/packages/All/