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Mine is just my own first initial and last name. So, hopefully, it doesn't mean anything but me.
This nickname was given to me as a pseudonym long time ago , on a forgotten IRC server.
Low-key doing my introduction here:
ē-káng - South port in Taiwanese, usually refers to Southern Taiwan
monyet - Monkey in Malaysian/Indonesian language, hence my avatar
I generally just google 18th century english words.

Pronunciation /rəˈmɪf(ə)rəs/

Having (many) branches.

Late 18th century. From post-classical Latin ramifer + -ous.

I'm thinking of shortening it to rami to join the 4 char club.

My Twitter handle is Blesiloquent because I've never got anything good to say...

EDIT: previous username was 'Ramiferous'
'pfr' is just my surname (Pfeiffer) shortened to 3 letters.
“Maybe you have some bird ideas... Maybe that's the best you can do.” - Terry A. Davis (R.I.P Terry & Percival)
Long time nixers
I was thinking in a pseudonym I could use for my Internet persona.
One of the names that came to my mind was "Phill Bush".
Then phillbush is now the username for my Internet self.
That's not my real name, though.

The Godzilla with glasses avatar is because I like Godzilla and I use glasses.
Long time nixers
Some of us changed our usernames recently...

Seninha is the diminutive (in Portuguese) of my surname.
Senninha (with one more n) is also the nickname of Ayrton Senna, a Brazilian Formula One driver whom I (almost) share my surname with.
It is pronounced /sẽˈnĩ.ɲɐ/ in General Portuguese; but as [sẽˈnĩ.ə] in my dialect (the n nasalizes the preceding vowel as in French; the nh is silent).

The bird in my pic is a bird native to the Brazilian region my people is from.
The bird's hat is part of the folk costume of my people.