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I know both US qwerty and Dvorak, I can mooostly fluidly change between the two
I've always been super interested in learning another layout, but I feel like I'd need to take a couple of weeks off from work to learn it.
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It's like the age old issue of automating things: any speed advantages are negated by the time spent learning a new layout. Ergonomics is a different argument, if qwerty is causing pain after you've eliminated other factors (poor posture, no rest, no breaks etc) then obviously switch. I guess I'm getting more pragmatic in my older age, there was a time when I wanted to switch and learn colemak.
Switch. Just do it. And take the opportunity while you've obliterated your muscle memory to undo every last poor typing habit you've developed. If you're a perfect Qwerty typist, you aren't reading this thread anyways; don't worry about it.
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That's the thing - I am now a perfect qwerty typist. People around me get weirded out when I touch type while they are forced to look down at their keys.
(16-10-2019, 05:53 PM)Wildefyr Wrote: It's like the age old issue of automating things: any speed advantages are negated by the time spent learning a new layout
The difference being that I always justify the time spent automating things by saying that I'm learning things while I'm doing the automating. Where as spending time learning something that is just an alternative, with no definite improvement is difficult to justify.
Which keyboard layout do you use and how do you set it up. Do you override specific keys or change the whole layout?
Somewhat related:
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i use us-intl and remap caps lock to escape, escape became back tick then
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(18-12-2018, 04:02 PM)jkl Wrote: I find non-QWERTZ layouts weird, to be honest.

Update: I still use QWERTZ exclusively, but, depending on the keyboard, I started to use layers; e.g. my F XT has both a PrtScr and a "Windows" key, depending on the current Scroll Lock state, which is fine as it is a Windows-only keyboard for me.

Still not sure how to handle my AT101W though, which does not seem to have either ^ or <> keys with QWERTZ...

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I use a modified layout based on the Brazilian standard keyboard (called ABNT-2).
ABNT-2 differs from Europe ISO keyboard by having an extra key and (because of that) a smaller right shift key.
However, the Brazilian Thinkpad T420 keyboard does not have this extra key (it was based on European ISO keyboard), so to fix that, AltGR+Q acts as this extra key, and AltGr+W acts as the shifted variant of this extra key. Some variants have this extra key in place of the Right Control (as in the image below).

My modifications are:
• Esc in place of the quote key (the key at the left of number 1 on Brazilian keyboard).
• Left Control in place of the Caps Lock.
• Compose key in place of the Left Control.

ABNT-2 (standard Brazilian keyboard):
[Image: 1920px-KB_Portuguese_Brazil.svg.png]

Brazilian Thinkpad T420 keyboard (with the large right shift):
[Image: rFXS8.jpg]
I use the standard US QWERTY keyboard layout in conjunction with a Norwegian layout (mother-tongue) and a Russian layout. I switch between the three with some keybinds I've set up.

The only non-standard thing apart from that is that I rebind my Caps Lock key to Escape like many others. It has mostly just stuck around since when I used to use vim, but I cannot think of anything else to bind it to.
I use QWERTY, and my own language in custom layout. I tried to make my custom english layout as well, but it was such pain to use, after couple of months I totally forgot QWERTY, and couldn't do even basic typing in new VMs, games, other computers, shortcuts were confusing and uncomfortable. Living without QWERTY is monumental commitment. I think you have to have QWERTY in your muscle memory no matter what.
I also use a custom keyboard with modifiers as tap-hold-keys on my homerow. Using ANSI is less comfortable to me now, but not unusable. In the future I want to buy a regular 60% keyboard and will practice it once a week to keep it in memory, while giving more efficient english layout a second chance.
I use regular QWERTZ layout because I’used to and I’ve to change the computer often and it’s almost ewerywhere the default layout.
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I use a modified version of the "new azerty" layout (french), created by the AFNOR committee. It's fresh and new, so don't have much adopters (eg, no manufacturer print it yet), but it makes much more sense over the traditional AZERTY layout.

As I use a planck keyboard (48 keys only), I use layers to access stuff la punctuation, etc… However, the layout remain more sane regarding accentuated char, so I keep that as a base.