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Long time nixers
Post here your current servers and future server plans :P

Here's main:

Currently I'm running rasbperry pi (with arm arch) as irc bouncer and ssh box so I cant get hands on *nix from wind0ze.

I have been thinking about getting new battery, docking station and ssd to my laptop (Lenovo T61 ;D) and make server out of my current desktop. I wouldn't even lose much of power. Laptop has dual core 2.0GHz processor with about 3G of RAM while desktop has 2.2GHz dual core with 4G of RAM. Or then I just get ssd for my desktop and leave rasbperry to run that bouncer, though I would like to have FTP and HTTP server at home. Dunno if I even need it but would be fun as unix geek ;)

I'll see what my dad thinks about my idea and if he is willing to bay that.

Now, post yours :)
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Long time nixers
I have..

One webserver.
One machine running diffrent server, such as teamspeak3, minecraft, tf2 etc. etc.
One box that run virtuell servers (test environment ATM)
One NAS (act as backupp)
One fileserver

Future plans..
One single machine who can handle all of the servers in a virtuell environment.

My electric bill is quite high.
I have 100 mbit down and 100 mbit up.

On top of that i have my gaming station and 2 laptops.
For those who are interested in my gaming station...

Two 120hz 24" monitors
Intel i5 2500k quad core (overclocked to 4.1ghz)
16gb high speed ram (overclocked aswell)
SLI gtx560 1gb x 2
Intel OED 120gb ssd
2 tb Western digital mech-drive

Good times.
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Long time nixers
Two VPS running Debian Squeeze.
I use them as VPN servers, web servers, and as geek playgrounds.
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