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Long time nixers
for people that DO use them, what are you using for display managers? bare tty login doesn't count unless you've customized it in some way :D

here's my current SLiM setup. i know it's abandoned and supposedly doesn't work well for some things but it still works fine for me as of 2020.

[Image: preview.png]
Long time nixers
Usually the preinstalled DM (for me lightdm), but if I configure a system from scratch I just pick xdm.
I use xenodm because it's preferred for security reasons on OpenBSD. Currently my laptop isn't running BSD though, so I don't use a display manager.
Long time nixers
xdm is just fine.
I have xenodm here,
I didn't have a display manager for a long time. However, recently I had to install TeamViewer and somehow it requires the X session to be run with a display manager, so I've installed lightdm.

I have no real use for it though, I neither switch between different desktop environment, nor users, nor log in and out often, nor turn off my machine often — I'm on a single user machine.
Like venam, I'm on a single-user, home machine that I rarely shutdown or logoff. Other than kernel upgrades, there's no reason to. At night I put it into hibernation to save power.

I was running lightdm for a while. It came with MXLinux's default XFCE. But when I switched to spectrwm I went back to the old-fashioned startx approach. Here again, I only need to use that to upgrade the window manager to a new version (I'm following the bleeding edge of spectrwm via git, and it's being getting some recent updates.)