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Hello, fellow *nixers, novice hacker from Norway here.

From what I've seen during my short lurking of this community, I'm going to like it here, I hope you'll feel the same.
I started messing around with GNU/Linux around 2006, been through many distros, but I feel most comfortable with Arch Linux and OpenBSD.

  • pragmatic at times
  • very unique humour
  • grinds teeth when stressed
Long time nixers
Welcome to the Unix utopia!
The world is quaking from our Linux Thoughts!
Grey Hair Nixers
Welcome here!
Long time nixers
Long time nixers
Welcome on UnixHub. Feel free to grind teeth at irc :P
SpongeboZZ; Bikini Bottom Mafia/
You're cock-sucker, bitch/ silence while godfathers speech/
yeah/ da plancton in muh blunt/ gangster squarepants witha gun/
Sponge iz the bozz in da buiz/ you're creating silly trash/
i'm creating hollywood shit/
Long time nixers
Hey, welcome man! I've seen you on IRC, glad to have you here!
Long time nixers
Welcome to UnixHub, random guy who gives people stuff with his own money. :)
~Seraphim R.P.
the artistnixer formerly known as vypr formerly known as sticky
Long time nixers
Welcome home!
Someone doesn't appreciate my php generated image!