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fprintf(world, "hello!"); - dcat - 05-10-2013

Hello, fellow *nixers, novice hacker from Norway here.

From what I've seen during my short lurking of this community, I'm going to like it here, I hope you'll feel the same.
I started messing around with GNU/Linux around 2006, been through many distros, but I feel most comfortable with Arch Linux and OpenBSD.

  • pragmatic at times
  • very unique humour
  • grinds teeth when stressed

RE: fprintf(world, "hello!"); - jobss - 05-10-2013

Welcome to the Unix utopia!

RE: fprintf(world, "hello!"); - yrmt - 05-10-2013

Welcome here!

RE: fprintf(world, "hello!"); - berk - 05-10-2013


RE: fprintf(world, "hello!"); - Neuromatic - 05-10-2013

Welcome on UnixHub. Feel free to grind teeth at irc :P

RE: fprintf(world, "hello!"); - jmbi - 06-10-2013

Hey, welcome man! I've seen you on IRC, glad to have you here!

RE: fprintf(world, "hello!"); - vypr - 08-10-2013

Welcome to UnixHub, random guy who gives people stuff with his own money. :)

RE: fprintf(world, "hello!"); - zygotb - 30-11-2013

Welcome home!