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I am sebboh.

In the mid-late '90s, I played a game called Descent on an IBM Aptiva. It's been called "the thinking man's Doom".

I used a SPX-over-IP tunnel called Kahn to play the game online even though it was only designed to support LAN-based multiplayer.

The tunnel software just used IRC for match-making. That lead to EFnet. I became a chanop on #help (later). IRC led to Linux (GNU). I got a shell account the the late '90s (some guy in Texas with a cable modem!) and installed slackware on a 486 in 2000 using a stack of floppies almost a foot tall. Linux lead to emacs which led to the free software manifesto.

Now I'm a card carrying FSF associate member and I make the pilgrimage to Boston every once in a while for their annual conference.

Lately, I'm excited about multi-user unix boxen. There are big old ones like sdf and new little ones like

Thanks for having me. What's up?
Everyone has their intro story to Unix. Yours is quite intricate.
Do you work in the field or are you a hobbyist?

Is this the game you're talking about:

Also, welcome to the forums.
Long time nixers
Pff, not a single Unix in the OP.

Welcome to nixers.

<mort> choosing a terrible license just to be spiteful towards others is possibly the most tux0r thing I've ever seen