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greetings and salutations - sebboh - 04-03-2019

I am sebboh.

In the mid-late '90s, I played a game called Descent on an IBM Aptiva. It's been called "the thinking man's Doom".

I used a SPX-over-IP tunnel called Kahn to play the game online even though it was only designed to support LAN-based multiplayer.

The tunnel software just used IRC for match-making. That lead to EFnet. I became a chanop on #help (later). IRC led to Linux (GNU). I got a shell account the the late '90s (some guy in Texas with a cable modem!) and installed slackware on a 486 in 2000 using a stack of floppies almost a foot tall. Linux lead to emacs which led to the free software manifesto.

Now I'm a card carrying FSF associate member and I make the pilgrimage to Boston every once in a while for their annual conference.

Lately, I'm excited about multi-user unix boxen. There are big old ones like sdf and new little ones like

Thanks for having me. What's up?

RE: greetings and salutations - venam - 04-03-2019

Everyone has their intro story to Unix. Yours is quite intricate.
Do you work in the field or are you a hobbyist?

Is this the game you're talking about:

Also, welcome to the forums.

RE: greetings and salutations - jkl - 04-03-2019

Pff, not a single Unix in the OP.

Welcome to nixers.