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It all started with command line and TUI at the end of 90's. I fell in love with DOS subsystem inside a win95 machine at high school. All because the machine I used to study has no mouse, so cmd became my best friend at those days. Late I've discovered *NIX systems ( Slackware and FreeBSD more specifically ) and its powerful shell.

Actually I use Gentoo Linux ( 11 years ) and OpenBSD ( rookie ), both with very minimalistic setup ( suckless stuff ) , avoiding Xorg/Xenocara always as possible. I like to write shell scripts, but I'm doing my best to get a good proficiency with C.

I've discovered this place following some *NIX lovers/developers cvs and blogs.
Long time nixers
Welcome to nixers! I also run, among other OSs, Gentoo Linux (at least until the ath10k driver is finally ported to non-Linuces), OpenBSD and the suckless tools. You, sir, have an exquisit taste. :-)

Shell scripts are fine for regular command chains. More complicated tasks are usually rather weird in them.

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Hello wolf.
Welcome to the forums. Maybe you can tell us more about your workflow.
(18-02-2019, 01:15 PM)venam Wrote: tell us more about your workflow

( I don't know if I got your question, but here it goes ... )

Actually I work as network analyst at a company dealing most of time with "redmond systems" and GNU/Linux systems using my T60 laptop ( gentoo i686 ). I follow the "poor man" style : get the job done using CLI/TUI whenever as possible. Most of work is done using st+tmux+bash+pieceofsomething. My biggest pain is to get some interoperability with Redmond's command interpreter, specially that not-so-powerfull-shell. There's also some proprietary solutions made by gargoyles where I have no choice but to use a virtual machine.

When not working I'm studing programming with C language ( totally newbie ) and some DevOps "mumble jumble" ( I still have problems with this "new" universe ).

Some of GUI tools that I use are : thunderbird ( because most of users here use HTML email from Outlook , long story ... ), LibreOffice, Firefox and xfreerdp.

Actually I'm trying to write a wiki system because all others I tried sucks. I'll probably use something like BCHS ( without the S ) or other C web framework ( like duda or kore ).