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Why Use Linux? - Hasseo - 12-08-2012

Hey guys,

I've got a question. I use Mac OSX as my daily operating system, but I'm looking to try something new - especially Linux. Though, I'm finding a hard reason to actually make the jump to Linux OS. What are your reasons to use Linux?

I'm going to be coding a LOT during the next year so I'm thinking Linux would be a good option. Am I just stupid or do I have a reason to use Linux?


RE: Why Use Linux? - Alexander - 12-08-2012

Try it out and see. That's the only way you'd know if you like it or not. If you don't like it just install OS X again.
Anyhow, i use it because i like it better than Windows and OS X. It's also fun to play around and modify different WM's and such.

RE: Why Use Linux? - htor - 12-08-2012

The best way to try Linux out is booting a LiveCD with some desired Linux distro. That way you can try it out without installing anything to your hard drive and you don't need to re-install OS X if you change your mind.

Why Linux? Freedom.

In your case, if you want to learn more about computers and programming you may experience propriertary systems such as OS X being a kludgy enviroment for that purpose. From my experience, one month using Arch Linux taught me much more than half a year using OS X,

RE: Why Use Linux? - yrmt - 12-08-2012

Mac OS X is perfectly fine to code and you have access to all the bsd and gnu software and compilers, so install linux if you want but it will take a long time before you're happy. but when you will be you will find it awesome. Come at irc and we can talk about it.

RE: Why Use Linux? - htor - 12-08-2012

@Beastie Why will it take a long time to become 'happy' with Linux?

RE: Why Use Linux? - klr - 12-08-2012

I think a good reason to switch to GNU/Linux is since it respect the users freedom, at least if you choose one of the truly free distros(like Trisquel etc.). That's mostly why it was made(at least the GNU part ;) ). It also happens to be faster, more reliable and more secure than for example, Windows. There is also the *BSD's, they are even better, but they don't offer as good driver support and such.


RE: Why Use Linux? - yrmt - 12-08-2012

(12-08-2012, 01:45 PM)htor Wrote: @Beastie Why will it take a long time to become 'happy' with Linux?

Yeah, getting used to it may take some time and can be frustrating at times.
It's the most fun is my opinion :)

RE: Why Use Linux? - Hasseo - 12-08-2012

Thanks for the answers guys! I'm gonna try to install Linux on my Macbook Pro soon, but I'll stop by IRC in a sec Beastie.

RE: Why Use Linux? - xyzodiac - 07-09-2012

So I'm going to supply a bit of a counterpoint. I've been a GNU/Linux and BSD user for a long time and use some variation natively on every computer that I own EXCEPT for my Macbook Pro. Linux and BSD on laptops has always been a boon to me (though I have had a number of laptops that have worked fairly well with Linux). OS X has the benefit of being a great out of the box Unix system, the only problem I've seen is the lack of customization allowed (though it's not as extreme as I would imagine).

RE: Why Use Linux? - Mafia - 09-09-2012

I use it because it gives me back the power, I control everything. I like that.