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Preferred shell - gurhush - 30-08-2012

Well, what shells do you guys use or prefer? Bash, ash, dash, csh, zsh?

Why do you prefer this shell over others?

Personally, I use zsh with oh-my-zsh. Maximum rice, maximum functionality.

RE: Preferred shell - yrmt - 30-08-2012

I like zsh as well.

RE: Preferred shell - matt - 30-08-2012

I have been using bash for many years, but for the past 2 weeks I've been using zsh, and its freakin' awesome. I particularly like the auto-capitalization and auto-complete features.

RE: Preferred shell - gholen - 30-08-2012

I'm still stuck in bash, mainly becuse of thats what I'm used to. I like zsh tough, and read a lot about it, so I can learn more. Overall, bash is good, zsh is better, but I'm used to bash :)

MOD EDIT: It's zsh :p

RE: Preferred shell - Phyrne - 30-08-2012

I'm a recent adopter of zsh, came from bash. I'm yet to explore its plethora of capabilities, but I'm liking the little things so far; better tab-completion (who the hell coined the term 'globbing') & the right prompt.

RE: Preferred shell - crshd - 30-08-2012

ZSH here as well. Incredible tab-completion, ksh-style globbing, VCS info in prompt, global aliases... and a little touch of rice with syntax highlighting. There's just so many things that make me love it. Always the first thing I install on a new system. With any other shell, I always feel somewhat crippled.

RE: Preferred shell - Shiru - 30-08-2012

Bash, since it's what I'm used to. But I'm going to try out ZSH, it sounds impressive reading these posts.

RE: Preferred shell - gurhush - 30-08-2012

(30-08-2012, 04:30 PM)Shiru Wrote: Bash, since it's what I'm used to. But I'm going to try out ZSH, it sounds impressive reading these posts.

If you don't want to configure zsh manually at first, and you want nice templates and easily configurable addons, a more ricey prompt, etc, try oh-my-zsh after you've installed zsh, changed shell with chsh, and logged out and back in. All you need to do is enter the following command:

wget --no-check-certificate -O - | sh

Here is the github page.

RE: Preferred shell - Saos - 30-08-2012

Zsh from bash. Used bash simply because it was the default for the Linux distros I used, but then FreeBSD started with sh, and I hated it, so I tried zsh. I'll never go back.

RE: Preferred shell - Jayro - 31-08-2012

Don't hate, but I prefer bash. I have never had any reason not to use it.

RE: Preferred shell - deadgone - 04-09-2012

I prefer zsh. But I use bash for scripting.


Quote:zsh master race, reporting in.

RE: Preferred shell - yrmt - 04-09-2012

zsh scripts are way better than bash scripts. give it a try.

RE: Preferred shell - xyzodiac - 04-09-2012

Zsh all the damn way, though the new fish shell seems pretty nifty.

RE: Preferred shell - venam - 05-09-2012

I am also using ZSH, one more point for ZSH.Yey! : 3

RE: Preferred shell - gurhush - 06-09-2012

(05-09-2012, 09:20 PM)NeoTerra Wrote: This thread needs a poll.

Make it with your admin powers, then. I didn't make a poll because there are numerous shells.

RE: Preferred shell - crshd - 06-09-2012

I think a poll isn't needed. Looking at the responses in this thread, it would only need one option, anyways. :D

RE: Preferred shell - yrmt - 06-09-2012

True. Zsh is obviously master race.

RE: Preferred shell - Mafia - 07-09-2012

Zsh, by far my favorite so far.

RE: Preferred shell - CrossFold - 13-09-2012

Zsh :D Because it's simply superb ...

RE: Preferred shell - pranomostro - 01-09-2015

I am not using zsh, instead I divide between shell scripting in rc and interactive usage of fish.

I like rc for these reasons:
-it's small-I used to do a lot of sh scripting and learned all of rc in two hours
-it's not backwards-compatible-I like it if people are brave enough to throw old ideas away and learn from the earlier design mistakes
-one big advantage is the way shell quoting is implemented. When I look at this page ( most of the issues are quoting errors. Rc has very simple quoting rules and avoids this kind of errors in a very elegant way
the quoting rules are:
text is quoted in single quotes 'abc'. if you want to quote single quotes, you write a double quote, so '''abc''' expands to 'abc'. Variables are expanded into their whole content and treated as one single string, so
a='this file'
rm $a
does not remove this and file, but 'this file'. To save multiple variables, you use a list:
a=('this file' 'that file')
touch $a
creates 'this file' and 'that file'.

Fish on the other hand is like a zsh with less/no configuration and also a non-standard syntax. It has syntax-highlighting and quite good tab completion.

RE: Preferred shell - greduan - 06-09-2015

No mksh really? Guys gotta pick up the slack sheesh. I use ksh/mksh exclusively nowadays. Faster than bash (or dash for that matter I think), 100% POSIX compliant and nothing more. Minimalistic as fuck.

RE: Preferred shell - z3bra - 07-09-2015

mksh is totally not faster than dash :) Still, it's a good shell, though vi editing mode sucks hairy balls

RE: Preferred shell - pranomostro - 07-09-2015

I am too lazy to look for mksh, but I might try it now.

RE: Preferred shell - ninjacharlie - 07-09-2015

mksh. Lighter weight than anything else, while retaining the important features of bash.

Plus, it keeps me honest when writing shell scripts (it's POSIX compliant) so I don't use any bash specific features.

RE: Preferred shell - cjm - 07-09-2015

mksh for all the same reasons as above :-P

RE: Preferred shell - October - 08-09-2015

I guess I should look into mksh...

RE: Preferred shell - henriqueleng - 08-09-2015

Using ksh, the default OpenBSD one, but write only POSIX shell scripts.

RE: Preferred shell - skrzyp - 09-09-2015

mksh too, but I want to give zsh a try.

But with only one rule - I don't want to use predefined zsh configs, like oh-my-zsh or some other shit like that. I want to write my zsh config from scratch. Is there anything that should I know before doing this?

RE: Preferred shell - xero - 09-09-2015

long time zsh user sounding off!

(09-09-2015, 12:09 PM)skrzyp Wrote: mksh too, but I want to give zsh a try.

But with only one rule - I don't want to use predefined zsh configs, like oh-my-zsh or some other shit like that. I want to write my zsh config from scratch. Is there anything that should I know before doing this?

i agree using out of the box configs like oh-my-zsh and prezto don't help you learn anything. but looking at how they're setup sure can. users have spent a lot of time hacking together a feature, like say command syntax highlighting, you might want this feature or not. but looking at how it's achieved is a great learning exp. another important thing to note is the completion and correction engines. they have A LOT of options, and way you are prompted with suggestions (or not) and how flexible the corrections are, need to be tweaked to your liking. make sure you run and go though
autoload -Uz zsh-newuser-install; zsh-newuser-install -f
before creating a custom zshrc. since this command will edit/destroy it. my first few times, i tried a bunch of options to decide which i actually liked. this part is extremely important and often overlooked by new users.

i also suggest you have a look at other zsh setups and copy some things you like, and try out new ideas.
mine are here:
here's a pretty nice blog post:
and here's a repo with lots of additional app completions:
man zshoptions
is an important read as well.

the arch + gentoo wikis have pretty awesome overviews of zshell as well:


RE: Preferred shell - Pr0Wolf29 - 11-09-2015

I just use bash. Gf says "ksh" is best. Never used anything else yet.