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Unix memes - z3bra - 13-09-2014

Was bored this morningso I came out with these. Can you think of others ? (Make 'em harmful, if possible)

Oh, and, BTW, don't try these at $HOME !!

# cd /; yuno backup
alias yuno='rm -rf'

# heard you like processes
alias yodawg=':(){ :&: };:'

# such commit; very push (OK, I did not invent this one)
alias such=git
alias very=git

# tl;dr
alias tl="exec 2>&1"
alias dr="exec 1>/dev/null"

# yallmotherfuckerneed /jesus
alias yallmotherfuckerneed="chmod 777"

alias ifyouknowwhatimean="unzip; touch; finger; kill; zip"

alias fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu='sudo !!'

alias okay...="yes |"

alias foreveralone="cut -d: -f1 | xargs userdel"

# grumpy cat
grumpy() {
    $1 /dev/random

derp() {
   case $1 in
       install) tar -C / xf $2 ;;
       uninstall) rm $(which $2) ;;
alias herp=derp

RE: Unix memes - venam - 30-09-2014

Just playing around matching my program names to create sentences:
Quote:erl whois cat, touch, look & make hidden cacaview
EDIT: I've found this hilarious website:
It's full on Unix and Linux jokes.

RE: Unix memes - vompatti - 06-10-2014

There is /r/linuxmemes which has nice stuff every now and then

RE: Unix memes - venam - 06-10-2014

(06-10-2014, 05:59 AM)vompatti Wrote: There is /r/linuxmemes which has nice stuff every now and then

I love it, thanks for sharing.

RE: Unix memes - neeasade - 10-01-2015

does zsh count as a meme yet?

RE: Unix memes - DotDev - 12-01-2015

uhmm ...
>install gentoo

RE: Unix memes - venam - 08-05-2015

We should post images in this thread too. I'll spam with *funny* Unix images when I get home.

RE: Unix memes - xero - 08-05-2015

(08-05-2015, 04:00 AM)venam Wrote: We should post images in this thread too. I'll spam with *funny* Unix images when I get home.
[Image: MKwqLGf.png]
[Image: ConcernedShowyKentrosaurus.gif]
[Image: PBbdzI4.jpg]
[Image: 99ae094aea033b0fbdb4319c38eed7c475f793d4...d4714d.jpg]
[Image: 04fab0aa6ca4ac5acde378dfa49d51d3254a38e6...27c778.jpg]

oh, and some irc "classics"

[Image: ICnxbCv.jpg]
[Image: WIeuXI6.jpg]
[Image: jCp8JQx.jpg]

RE: Unix memes - fayesafe - 08-05-2015

Hehe, good old Mort memories :)

RE: Unix memes - venam - 09-05-2015

I forgot to mention that you everyone is allowed to spam with immature content in this thread...
More like you are welcomed to, just stay on the Unix meme subject!
[Image: 3Iu7kb5.png]
[Image: 98ezVD0.png]
[Image: 3EpMLKf.jpg]
[Image: H7fkiKn.jpg]
[Image: TpkndtA.jpg]
[Image: zfIgTvs.png]
[Image: CvLIJXH.png]
[Image: nDj1aSB.png]
[Image: Kt8EamY.png]
[Image: 8S8hmjb.png]
[Image: wyfkrZa.png]
[Image: XMvopyP.png]

RE: Unix memes - venam - 28-05-2015

[Image: aPCQni1.jpg]

RE: Unix memes - venam - 19-10-2020

Let's be a bit less serious. Enjoy.

[Image: 7r5Q1qA.png]

Lots of dead images in this post, we gotta turn this around!

[Image: 7ad.png]

RE: Unix memes - s0kx - 19-10-2020

What a great reminder to make my meme folder public.

[Image: linux.jpg]

[Image: plan9.png]

[Image: 4chan.jpeg]

RE: Unix memes - seninha - 19-10-2020

First, this high quality meme showing a conversation between date(1) and the kernel:
[Image: 2038-time.jpg]

This meme from 9front (which actually works!)
[Image: mordor.png]

And now, a bad practice everyone does:
[Image: catabuse.png]

RE: Unix memes - venam - 21-10-2020

[Image: Ek2RrfaXYAE_io8?format=jpg&name=small]

RE: Unix memes - pkal - 21-10-2020

(21-10-2020, 09:53 AM)venam Wrote: [Image: Ek2RrfaXYAE_io8?format=jpg&name=small]

There are plently of people who ventured further and found vi, ed, acme and sam. Some even Emacs!

RE: Unix memes - seninha - 21-10-2020

[Image: 9-tacos.jpg]

[Image: glendascousin.jpg]

[Image: comparison.jpg]

[Image: interjection-systemd-operating-system.jpg]

[Image: man-vs-systemd.jpg]

RE: Unix memes - s0kx - 22-10-2020

That last image reminded me that here in Finland we have this thing called "IT-Duck" where people put funny tech related text over old Donald Duck comics. Here's one with my translation at the bottom.

[Image: itduck.png]

You only have a primary school certificate. Why the fuck would I increase your salary?

Listen here you fatso, I'm a self-taught coder.


You think you can bring something to this company that I can't already handle? You and your agile processes, DevOps blaa blaa. Go fuck yourself.


Look at this pathetic "resume" of yours. Modern front-end developer with a couple of hobby projects. Wordpress server. What the fuck?


Atleast I have ClojureScript and the old faithful C# on my resume. Here's your resignation letter.

RE: Unix memes - jkl - 22-10-2020

(22-10-2020, 05:06 AM)sokx Wrote: the old faithful C#

RE: Unix memes - seninha - 14-04-2021

[Image: csv.jpg]

RE: Unix memes - s0kx - 22-04-2021

[Image: Evk3PpEXYAU7OS.png]

RE: Unix memes - seninha - 01-05-2021

Talking about linux audio on IRC, I remembered of this meme.
[Image: linuxaudio.png]

RE: Unix memes - seninha - 01-05-2021

(22-04-2021, 07:51 AM)s0kx Wrote:
[Image: Evk3PpEXYAU7OS.png]

There are more memes with this template, these are what I have on my memes folder:

[Image: stopdoingmath.png]
[Image: stopdoingunix.png]
[Image: stopdoingipv6.jpg]
[Image: stopdoingcs.jpg]

RE: Unix memes - s0kx - 06-05-2021

Please forgive me for this...

[Image: RE.png]

RE: Unix memes - s0kx - 10-05-2021

I clearly have way too much free time

[Image: 49.png]

[Image: 4G.png]

RE: Unix memes - maksim - 02-09-2022

[Image: Q_N.png]