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RE: Workflow Compilation - stark - 13-02-2015

Funny experience! You all made it look too easy.

RE: Workflow Compilation - z3bra - 15-02-2015

This thread went way better than what I expected? A big thanks to everybody here for your submissions!

I'm currently scaling all the videos down to 1280x720, in order to have a coherent compilation. I'm not quite sure of how I'll compile them together.. Maybe just concatenate them, add the nickname as a transition and a cool soundtrack all along.

If you have any idea on what the final cut could be, please share ! (I'm not a video editing expert, so please don't propose extreme scifi effects and such...)

RE: Workflow Compilation - fayesafe - 15-02-2015

hope it's not too late ;-;
Edit: Decided to do a new one

RE: Workflow Compilation - rocx - 15-02-2015

And it's done.

RE: Workflow Compilation - z3bra - 16-02-2015

Submissions are closed! I'll start working on the compilation. I'll try to finish it by the end of the week. If you have any idea, please share!

RE: Workflow Compilation - nounoursheureux - 18-02-2015

Haha I am too late :P . Do you plan on doing a 2nd version with other challenges ?

RE: Workflow Compilation - z3bra - 18-02-2015

Well, to be fair, this was not what I had in mind. But it's still a pretty cool set of videos!

So yeah, I'll organize a new thread around workflow compilations, with a different goal. But let's end this one first :)

RE: Workflow Compilation - boris - 19-02-2015

As we were discussing in irc, here are a couple of chilled out tracks with no vocals, that I /hope/ would suit most people's taste, and not be too intrusive.

RE: Workflow Compilation - nounoursheureux - 19-02-2015

I love these songs, even if I don't understand why you posted them in this thread :P

RE: Workflow Compilation - z3bra - 19-02-2015

To give ideas for the soundtracks

RE: Workflow Compilation - z3bra - 20-02-2015

Hello everyone, It's just to tell you that I will not be able to make the compilation by the end of the week, as I'm moving this Paris over the weekend, and thus will not have access to my computer.
So... postponned to next week. Sorry about that.

RE: Workflow Compilation - boris - 20-02-2015

Good luck with the move, z3bra! :)

RE: Workflow Compilation - z3bra - 20-02-2015

That's a poor choice of words here ^^ I'm just visiting a friend over the weekend!

RE: Workflow Compilation - boris - 20-02-2015

Ah right :P In that case have a fun weekend...! I will chat to you on irc to see if there is anything I could do to help out

RE: Workflow Compilation - boris - 21-02-2015


RE: Workflow Compilation - nounoursheureux - 21-02-2015

I might be posting mine too :D
EDIT: Here it is:
Sorry for the poor quality :(

RE: Workflow Compilation - venam - 22-02-2015

(21-02-2015, 06:10 PM)nounoursheureux Wrote: I might be posting mine too :D
EDIT: Here it is:
Sorry for the poor quality :(
Poor quality is still better than having a ~300MB video that no one dares to open.

RE: Workflow Compilation - boris - 22-02-2015

(22-02-2015, 02:17 PM)venam Wrote:
(21-02-2015, 06:10 PM)nounoursheureux Wrote: I might be posting mine too :D
EDIT: Here it is:
Sorry for the poor quality :(
Poor quality is still better than having a ~300MB video that no one dares to open.

My original submission on page1 is normal filesize, that was just something done for fun/out of boredom!

RE: Workflow Compilation - dami0 - 23-02-2015

Har har, I'm breaking the rules posting muh stuff late. Enjoy the hate.


RE: Workflow Compilation - z3bra - 23-02-2015

Dear nixers, the compilation is done!

Here is the link,

First of all, I want to thank you all for making it real. At first, I didn't expected to received so much videos, so it was a really nice surprise!

Thanks a lot everyone!

Also, thank you bajr for the sweet intro idea ;)

I hope you'll all like it!

RE: Workflow Compilation [finished] - nounoursheureux - 24-02-2015

This is cool :D . The intro is really nice too :) . You should post this on r/unixporn, maybe they'll like it .

RE: Workflow Compilation [finished] - io86 - 24-02-2015

wooow Nice compilation. Well done:) congrats

RE: Workflow Compilation [finished] - xero - 24-02-2015

congrats all! great comp!

mirrors >

RE: Workflow Compilation [finished] - z3bra - 24-02-2015

Thanks for the mirror!

RE: Workflow Compilation [finished] - boris - 24-02-2015

Loved the intro z3bra :) the whole thing really! Great job and can't wait for the next

RE: Workflow Compilation [finished] - Dr Chroot - 24-02-2015

Agreed with everything said; fantastic intro z3bra!

RE: Workflow Compilation [finished] - eye - 26-02-2015

nice one!

RE: Workflow Compilation [finished] - Wildefyr - 03-05-2015

Might be a bit late to the party but I tried mixing it up and using neovim's :term splits for most of the tasks:

RE: Workflow Compilation [finished] - z3bra - 04-05-2015

Haha, looks like neovim is the new emacs :P

RE: Workflow Compilation [finished] - Wildefyr - 04-05-2015

(04-05-2015, 06:28 AM)z3bra Wrote: Haha, looks like neovim is the new emacs :P

Yep! Still finding my footing with the workflow but it feels super swell.