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hey all - miatomi - 28-06-2015

hey all,

I'm miatomi, a 22 year old InfoSec student, and while I'm not a newbie to *nix, I just started getting "serious" about it not too long ago. Interests: pen testing, all things /cyber/, jrpgs, post-rock, and minimalism in OS/program/UI design.

nice to meet you all

RE: hey all - October - 28-06-2015

welcome and nice to meet you too!

RE: hey all - Laserswald - 28-06-2015

Welcome! Sounds like you'll fit right in.

I should talk to you about messing with pentesting. I really want to get into that.

RE: hey all - miatomi - 28-06-2015

sure man! any time, I'm still in undergrad so I won't claim to be a master, but it's really interesting stuff (made a lot easier with kali running in a VM)

RE: hey all - venam - 29-06-2015

Security and Unix are one.
I don't know how ricing fits into that, maybe looking super 1337 while doing your thing.

Welcome to Nixers.

RE: hey all - z3bra - 29-06-2015

Welcome here! I hope you'll have a nice experience here

RE: hey all - xero - 29-06-2015

welcome to nixers!

RE: hey all - cjm - 29-06-2015

Welcome to Nixers!

RE: hey all - enephst - 04-07-2015

Nice to meet you!