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Hi! =D - jury - 23-07-2015

I'm a computer-science-with-psychology student who enjoys ricing and learning. My introduction to *nix was owning a MacBook, and then using the Fedora machines at school for learning programming for the last ~3 years. Lately I've been Linux-distro-hopping, settling for what works for the moment (for now I'm mostly on Debian/Ubuntu systems).

I don't think I know any of you personally yet, but I'm already a big fan of z3bra's work, from /r/unixporn etc. Most of my internet activity so far has been limited to reading and lurking, but this looks like a community I can jive with, and I look forward to ultimately being able to contribute as well as learn here!

RE: Hi! =D - strang3quark - 23-07-2015

Welcome to nixers.

If you want to join the IRC channel:

RE: Hi! =D - jury - 23-07-2015

That's exactly what I needed, thanks!

RE: Hi! =D - venam - 24-07-2015

Welcome to a strange club called

RE: Hi! =D - cjm - 24-07-2015

Hey-oh! :). Welcome to the *nix, its sorta like the Matrix but ultimately cooler and well you know more unixey.

RE: Hi! =D - z3bra - 24-07-2015

Welcome to the game!

RE: Hi! =D - Houseoftea - 24-07-2015

Welcome to our little tea party!
I was (am) a distro hopper myself but crux us holding me tight and not letting me go

Nice to have a new gang member

RE: Hi! =D - Laserswald - 25-07-2015

One of us.
One of us...
ONE OF US.......

I'm a fedora wearing arch neckbeard myself. Although I despise fedoras and cannot grow a neckbeard. Alas.

RE: Hi! =D - srp - 25-07-2015

Welcome to #nixers, guy.

RE: Hi! =D - thetornainbow - 25-07-2015

Hey, welcome to the circus

RE: Hi! =D - xero - 29-07-2015

welcome to nixers!

(24-07-2015, 01:48 PM)z3bra Wrote: Welcome to the game!
fuck. i just lost "the game"

RE: Hi! =D - thetornainbow - 29-07-2015

(29-07-2015, 12:36 PM)xero Wrote:
(24-07-2015, 01:48 PM)z3bra Wrote: Welcome to the game!
fuck. i just lost "the game"

At least we lost together.