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Hello - GamingManiac - 03-09-2012

Hello all.

Some of you (mostly the older members) will remember me :D

I've had a really busy summer, hence my non-existance on other forums/irc's but I hope to change that in the coming while.

For those who dont know me, I am GamingManiac (Yes, I game a lot)

I am a linux enthusiast from Ireland.

I hope to have some fun and get to know you guys a little better

RE: Hello - yrmt - 03-09-2012

Welcome to Unixhub! Happy to see you here ;)

RE: Hello - Phyrne - 03-09-2012

Welcome aboard!! :)

RE: Hello - Dyzaster - 20-11-2012

Hello :D Did you used to go on HF alot?

~The Dyzaster