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[game] Where is waldo? - josuah - 11-05-2016

Yet another game!

You may know this where is Waldo game where you have to find "Waldo" in a picture with a lot of detail.

What I am proposing to you is the same thing, but instead of a landscape, a screen, and instead of Mr. Waldo, a terminal prompt (in any form).

Please, use
if you want to answer.

I will stick to one rule (for myself. Hey, you are free!) I want the actual terminal to really be a terminal, able to receive commands and send output.

Here is one!
[Image: BnxtvSy.png]

Here is two!
[Image: UwtotB6.png]

Here is three!
[Image: U8qwVwA.png]

Here is four!
[Image: fxkyUcM.png]

RE: [game] Where is waldo? - josuah - 11-05-2016

Tip: this is not my personal computer, so I did not altered the GUI at all.

RE: [game] Where is waldo? - venam - 11-05-2016

I found a cheat code:

The location of the windows is shown in the panel.

RE: [game] Where is waldo? - josuah - 11-05-2016

(11-05-2016, 06:40 AM)venam Wrote: I found a cheat code:

Maybe I should have riced a little more, then!

But there is still one that doesn't deal with any window.

RE: [game] Where is waldo? - xero - 11-05-2016

[Image: 2rZz6n6.png]

hidden behind my logo!

RE: [game] Where is waldo? - josuah - 11-05-2016

All those pipes and stuff... It had to have something crazy beneath, so I couldn't resist... and I ruined that page!

RE: [game] Where is waldo? - josuah - 12-05-2016

I do not think Android is as good as other UNIX distros, but you can still conceal a shell in it:

Here is five!
[Image: LlcDGqC.png]

RE: [game] Where is waldo? - Adrift - 12-05-2016

Like the game idea. Without the cheat code I'm sure a lot could be hidden. Even with the cheat code I had to zoom pretty far to even read the text in one of them.

Tiny white square on top of the three lines towards the top left?

RE: [game] Where is waldo? - josuah - 12-05-2016

Yes, it is :) Glad it works still a little, if at least it is fun, it is good!

I used termux floating window for this one.