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Long time nixers
Yet another game!

You may know this where is Waldo game where you have to find "Waldo" in a picture with a lot of detail.

What I am proposing to you is the same thing, but instead of a landscape, a screen, and instead of Mr. Waldo, a terminal prompt (in any form).

Please, use
if you want to answer.

I will stick to one rule (for myself. Hey, you are free!) I want the actual terminal to really be a terminal, able to receive commands and send output.

Here is one!
[Image: BnxtvSy.png]

Here is two!
[Image: UwtotB6.png]

Here is three!
[Image: U8qwVwA.png]

Here is four!
[Image: fxkyUcM.png]
Long time nixers
Tip: this is not my personal computer, so I did not altered the GUI at all.
I found a cheat code:

The location of the windows is shown in the panel.
Long time nixers
(11-05-2016, 06:40 AM)venam Wrote: I found a cheat code:

Maybe I should have riced a little more, then!

But there is still one that doesn't deal with any window.
Long time nixers
[Image: 2rZz6n6.png]

hidden behind my logo!
Long time nixers

All those pipes and stuff... It had to have something crazy beneath, so I couldn't resist... and I ruined that page!
Long time nixers
I do not think Android is as good as other UNIX distros, but you can still conceal a shell in it:

Here is five!
[Image: LlcDGqC.png]
Like the game idea. Without the cheat code I'm sure a lot could be hidden. Even with the cheat code I had to zoom pretty far to even read the text in one of them.

Tiny white square on top of the three lines towards the top left?
Long time nixers

Yes, it is :) Glad it works still a little, if at least it is fun, it is good!

I used termux floating window for this one.