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RE: Week in the TTY (June 2018) - spoonm - 17-06-2018

(14-06-2018, 01:18 PM)fraun Wrote: I could try printing papers (to paper) and not compiling my own tex docs until the tty week is over :)

Please be environmentally conscious. lol

(17-06-2018, 02:34 AM)Dworin Wrote: A quick search for ''pdf framebuffer' leads me to fbpdf. Seems not updated since 2016 but perhaps it works, I didn't try.

Looks promising. It uses mupdf, so theoretically one could just build agains the most recent version of libmupdf. That or try to run mupdf itself over directfb, which iirc has been dead for a long long time.

RE: Week in the TTY (June 2018) - venam - 25-06-2018

Here we go, I'm posting this from the TTY.

RE: Week in the TTY (June 2018) - venam - 01-07-2018

So this is it, hope everyone that tried it had fun.

RE: Week in the TTY (June 2018) - fraun - 03-07-2018

I did enjoy it - I think I gained something from not compiling my tex doc for a week, lots of errors now though :) I found ranger to be the star of the show - for viewing graphs made with matplotlib in the term and other stuff.